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how do you know if it's stainless steel?

Know if it's stainless steel?

Stainless steel rings come in beautiful ornate styles and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Unfortunately, some retailers advertise stainless steel rings when they are actually made of aluminum or other materials that tarnish and can even irritate your finger. In this article, we are going to tell you the different things to look for when considering buying authentic stainless steel jewelry.

know if it is stainless steel

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is everywhere. It is used to make sinks, faucets and has recently become a popular surface material for appliances in every home. It is a steel alloy containing chromium.

Other metals, such as nickel, can also be alloyed with stainless steel, which makes it even more complex to identify it among other types of scrap metal.

In addition, stainless steel is increasingly used to manufacture surgical instruments, building supports, water heaters, microwave oven liners and other items where strength and safety are essential; but also for jewelry making.

Strong and resilient, stainless steel has an attractive muted gray color and a glossy or matte finish. This modest silver/grey metal is popular for a variety of jewelry styles including industrial-chic, pop-punk, tropical vacation and more.

What is the value of stainless steel?

Its value is much higher than that of more common ferrous metals. It is therefore worth spending the time and effort to determine what you have in front of your eyes before buying it. Part of recycling scrap metal is learning to identify different metals in order to make the right choice.

What are the properties of stainless steel?

Custom stainless steel rings are a type of high alloy steel that can resist corrosion in air or in a chemically corrosive environment. As the name suggests, it is not easy to rust, and its surface is beautiful and corrosion resistant. It can be used without the need for surface treatment such as color plating.

Seeing this, you must not just think that the stainless steel rings we usually see are made of ordinary stainless steel. In fact, the only stainless steel that is really suitable for band processing on the market is 316L medical stainless steel, or at least it must use 304 material.

Many common stainless steel products are actually stainless steel tubes, stainless steel plates, or stainless steel wires.

Stainless steel contains at least 10% chromium and, depending on the quality of the stainless steel, it may contain smaller percentages of nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium and other metals. The chromium percentage is important because the chromium combines with the oxygen to form a thin, invisible layer of chromium-containing oxide. It is this protective layer that makes stainless steel "stainless". By using stainless steel accessories, you provide your creations with wear resistance and industrial strength.

Its characteristics are completely non-corrosive, and resistant to strong acid and alkali, it is non-color changing, non-fading, non-allergic, non-deformable, hard, shiny, and is a high-end environmental protection green jewelry. environment which will not cause any side effects and harmless to human body.

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Why is stainless steel used in jewelry?

The development of modern society is inseparable from the use of stainless steel products, the use of stainless steel products in many uses in life, pots and pans, etc. More used in jewelry, many people choose stainless steel jewelry, such as stainless steel rings, stainless steel necklaces and so on. Stainless steel jewelry has advantages that other precious metals cannot replace.

Stainless steel ties and wires exhibit excellent integrity while being easy to work with. It sometimes takes a little more energy than other metals to get it into the desired shape, but the advantage is that the finished piece of stainless steel jewelry will hold its shape more conscientiously.

With its resistance to rust, oxidation and discoloration, this corrosion-resistant alloy is ideal for long-lasting jewelry creations. This metal is the best suggestion for those who live in places with high humidity because it does not rust longer than other metals.

Jewelry made with this type of alloy will withstand wear longer than jewelry made with carbon steel or softer base metals. Rings and buckles are less likely to open under the weight of pendants or multi-layered designs. Choose this metal for pieces that will be used and worn a lot, such as key chains, bracelets and lanyards.

Unplated stainless steel parts are excellent for those allergic or sensitive to other base metals, such as copper or brass. For creations where the findings will be in close contact with the wearer's skin, unplated stainless steel is one of the best options available. Stainless steel may contain nickel, but is considered hypoallergenic for most people. This is the reason why stainless steel is often used as starter earrings.

Obviously, the raw material cost of stainless steel is its absolute advantage over precious metals. It is not as expensive as platinum or gold.

In addition, it is very strong and very resistant to corrosion. It does not blacken like silver jewelry, and it is not allergic to jewelry like copper. Alloy jewelry is toxic due to its lead content, and retains its own color tone for life at room temperature. Stainless steel jewelry is made of the same material inside out and has passed the artificial sweat test.

It is completely harmless to the body and does not change color. Compared with other rings, its price is more favorable and it is also a popular choice. Genuine gold and silver, immortal love (stainless), the former tends to materials, and the latter embodies more love! Stainless steel rings are worth your choice.

How to concretely check if your ring is made of stainless steel?

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Check for rust.

Stainless steel does not rust. If you see red or brown rust forming on the ring, it is likely the result of iron particles that have contaminated the steel surface. Observe the rust and try to remove it with a rag using a solution of equal parts nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. However, if the ring shows rust, it is likely that it is not entirely stainless steel.

Wipe the surface of the ring with a cloth to detect a natural shine, which is a characteristic of stainless steel finishes. You should be able to see your reflection fairly clearly if your ring is stainless steel.

The magnet test

Almost all stainless steel products you buy are magnetic. A great way to check if a product is actually stainless steel is therefore to see if it is magnetic or not. Buy a strong magnet and hold it against the material you are testing. If the magnet falls off and does not stick to the material, it is probably not stainless steel. If it sticks (or partially sticks), it could be genuine stainless steel.

Clean the surface

Still not sure whether the material you own is stainless steel or not? Try to clean it! Consult our article on: how to maintain a stainless steel bracelet . Clean the surface with a mild cleaner and a microfiber cloth. After cleaning, the stainless steel should be shiny, almost mirror-like, and completely untarnished. If your material still looks dull after a good cleaning, it may not be stainless steel.

Try muriatic acid

This acid test can discolor and corrode the material. So be sure to pick a spot on the product to be tested that you don't worry about damaging - this could be an area of ​​your stove that will soon be hidden by countertops, or a hard-to-see corner of your kitchen sink. kitchen.

While wearing safety glasses and gloves, fill a medicine dropper with muriatic acid . Gently put a few drops of muriatic acid on the product you are testing and let it work for about half an hour before checking.

Gently wipe away excess acid and take a closer look at the spot you tested. If you see any discoloration or corrosion, the product is actually stainless steel.

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