Anti Stress Ring

bague d'anxiété


Stress can be defined as any type of change that causes physical, emotional or psychological strain. Stress is your body's response to anything that requires attention or action.

Everyone experiences stress to some degree. How you react to stress, however, makes a big difference to your overall well-being.

Our daily life is not always easy, from the morning, we have to face constant stress. Getting out of bed on time, waking up and getting the kids ready for school, getting to work hoping not to be late and that's just the start of the day. These situations can lead to anxiety, anguish and stress. These unhealthy habits can be multiple and deep, nail biting may be a solution for some people and may be temporarily soothing, but it is no less aesthetic or hygienic.

That's why our jewellery John & Greg offers you a way to combat these bad habits by manipulating your mind right now.

Sometimes the best strategy is to change the way you react to the situation. However, this does not always work and you will need to find other alternatives such as wearing a stress ring. Not sure where to find some? Do not worry ! Especially for your well-being, here is our collection of stress ring!

These Anxiety Rings go perfectly with stainless steel bracelets for an even more elegant look or a cable bracelet for a more aggressive style.


This collection of Rotating Stainless Steel Stress Rings helps you beat bad habits and tackle everyday stress. Twist the center ring of the ring at any time, play with it whenever you feel anxious for instant relief, and finally let your hands rest. One of these rings will bring you relief in any circumstance, they are also perfect to overcome your various addictions, or simply to focus the mind, concentrate or relax.


This beautiful stress ring is a rotating stainless steel ring designed for both men and women. Its texture is just breathtaking with its designs all around. In addition to its anti-stress properties, it is beautiful to wear and will bring out all the mystery that hides in you!

It is available in three different patterns: Black, Silver and Gold.


The most effective way to deal with stress is to divert your attention to something else that can relax you. So what's better than the game?

This creative Stress Ring follows exactly this logic. Indeed, it is designed in such a way that you can open it and play with it. Surprising right?

Available in Gold and Silver, the anti-stress ring is stainless and waterproof.With its beautiful inscriptions, it will be your best ally throughout the day!


Do you want to stay chilled out all day, no matter the situation and still look stylish? The fluorescent anti-stress ring will do!

Designed in stainless steel and with a unique texture, this rotating ring will allow you to fight against your stress by rotating it around your finger Also, it is fluorescent and therefore at night it is surrounded by a green light, highlighting its inscriptions.


Gentlemen, if you want to increase your self-confidence and stability, this anti-stress ring is made just for you!

Its design, with the chain above and the inscriptions in Roman numerals, will bring out your bad boy soul to restore your self-confidence and eliminate all traces of stress in you.

It is available in several patterns: Black, Silver, Gold and the beautiful Celestial Blue.


Ladies, this one is designed just for you!

This anti-stress ring for women is simply magnificent and combines elegance and utility with its rotating ring and its white stone. Indeed, it is designed so that you feel totally comfortable throughout the day and in any situation.

This anti-stress ring will go perfectly with your style, especially if you pair it with the women's stainless steel chain bracelet.


You can clean your stress ring by giving it a bath in warm, soapy water.

Be sure to clean the inside of both parts of the ring.

To clone your centrifugal ring you will need a bow with hot water, a spirit sopa and a cloth.

Use perfumes, lotions and oils before wearing jewelry and never after.

Do not sleep while wearing your anti-stress ring and wash them in hot water before storing them in a dry place.

Finally, never mix your gold-plated signet rings and accessories with other jewelry.


You can order your Anti-Stress Ring today! Standard delivery is free. The manufacture and delivery of your Anti-Stress Ring will be at your home within 10 to 20 days.

Finally, you can track the status of your order by visiting our website. You will be notified by email of the availability of your Anti-Stress Ring. At the same time, you will have all the information concerning the delivery methods for your ring.