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FANCY WOMEN'S RING: discover our magnificent collection

A must-have accessory for ladies, the ring has long been the key element that can make all the difference and bring out the beauty of your clothing. But not only that... the ring, if chosen with care, can say a lot about the personality of the wearer. However, it would be necessary to choose it well!

If you want to draw attention to yourself while remaining classy and refined, we recommend that you wear a fantasy women's ring. So, if that's your intention, you've come to the right place! Below, discover our magnificent collection of fantasy women's rings….

Our collection of fancy women's rings

We have a collection of fancy women's rings, all equally magnificent. Three of these rings are made of zirconium, with three colors available (Blue, Yellow and Pink).

You are probably wondering why zirconium? Zirconia, also known as zirconium dioxide, is a white solid used in ceramic glazes and refractory coatings, as a synthetic diamond substitute, and as crowns in dentistry.

Zirconium metal is found in the same group of the periodic table as titanium, hafnium and rutherfordium. Its products are often found in tableware, ceramic colors and pigments, electrical appliances and other electronic applications, and refractory products.

The most natural form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) is the mineral baddeleyite, which has a monoclinic crystal structure. This means baddeleyite can be transparent or translucent, it has high refractive indices, and its color can vary from clear to yellow, green, and dark brown.

Our Fancy Women's Ring in Blue Zirconium

Shining like a diamond, our fantasy blue zirconium women's ring is beautiful to wear. It gives you elegance, self-confidence and attraction.

With its appreciable fancy pattern and a width of 5.45 mm, the blue zirconium fantasy women's ring has on its surface, in addition to light blue zircon, fuchsia, light white and light purple zircon. But also, it is made of gold plated to give more shine to your finger.

The women's fancy ring in blue zirconium does not oxidize or tarnish.

For more charisma and charm, we advise you to match your fancy women's ring in blue zirconium with our magnificent fine women's chain bracelet.

Our Fancy Women's Ring in Yellow Zirconium

Exquisite, refined and comfortable to wear, our fantastic women's ring in yellow zirconium will give you confidence all day long. With its gold plating, it does not oxidize and never tarnish. It's just the ray of sunshine and that little mystery your life was missing, especially with those areas of Vampire Diaries witch rings!

Available in several sizes (49 mm; 52 mm; 55 mm; 57 mm and 60 mm), you will necessarily find the one that suits you best.

In order to melt your entourage by bringing more charm to your hand, we recommend that you associate this magnificent fancy women's ring in yellow zirconium with our Multi-cable bracelet for dark women or with the Fancy Pearl Bracelet Woman.You won't regret it!

Our Fancy Women's Ring in Pink Zirconium

If you're going to awaken that seductive soul within you, then our Women's Fancy Ring in Pink Zirconium is the one you need at all costs!

With its fuchsia, light white, light purple zircons and its gun color and gold plating, this marvel from our fancy women's ring collection will put you at the center of the attention of those around you. Its charismatic texture is very resistant and never oxidizes.

The fancy women's ring in pink zirconium is available in several circumferences (55 mm; 57 mm and 60 mm).

We recommend that you pair it with our women's stainless steel bracelet for more sparkle and charm.

Tips for caring for your fancy women's ring


  • Regularly clean your fancy women's ring
  • Remove your ring for hands-on activities
  • Secure your ring
  • Occasionally check the gemstones to make sure they are securely set.


  • Wearing your fancy women's ring to the beach
  • Removing your ring in a public place
  • Use abrasive products to clean your ring.
  • Expose your ring to chemicals
  • Pull the center zirconium stone as you remove it.

Delivery offer for your fancy women's ring

You can now place your order for a fancy women's ring from our collection! For each item, delivery is completely free and your product will be shipped after one to two days maximum.

The product is guaranteed for 15 days and a return will be available during this period.