Men's Cable Bracelet

Men's Cable Bracelet


With an adjustable men's cable bracelet, your charisma will take a leap. You will be impressed to see how forearms and wrists accompanied by stunning men's cable bracelets can make some people curious (or some). Plus, at John & Greg, you are spoiled for choice, we offer a multitude of different styles and colors of cuff bracelets without a clasp to allow you to find the style that suits you best. Find our sub-collections in particular:

Find the perfect accessory to make your wrist and your forearms much more attractive. Choose the style that suits you best, in the color that suits you and let yourself be carried away by the charisma of these extraordinary jewels!


cable bracelets for men are ideal accessories to highlight your forearm, in fact these 316 stainless steel bracelets L adjustable, allow you to bring out your masculine and virile side in any situation, do not hesitate any longer and develop your style in order to go to the next level in the eyes of women. A refined and sometimes tendentious style that is waiting for you.


Fashion changes from year to year and at very high speed, but
steel jewelry or costume jewelry are and will remain timeless just like the cable bracelets for men. Opt for one of these timeless and adjustable bracelets guarantees you a trendy look for sure in any occasion at any time of the year. Choose from our men's bracelets Steel gold, silver, bangles, discreet or showy and find the style that suits you best.


Most of our men's cable bracelets are adjustable, check the product description, if not, follow the procedure:

Wrap a tape measure around your wrist to find the perfect size for your next bracelet.

mesurer votre poignet pour acheter un bracelet

If you buy the steel bracelet as a gift or if you cannot measure the wrist, follow the instructions below to find the best size.

    • 16 cm = Suitable for small wrists
    • 19 cm = Suitable for medium sized wrists
    • 22 cm = Suitable for wider wrists

Delivery offer for your men's cable bracelet

You can order your cable bracelet today! Standard delivery is free. The manufacture and delivery of your stainless steel men's bracelet will be at your doorstep within 10 to 20 days.

Finally, you can track the status of your order by visiting our website. You will be notified by email of the availability of your cable bracelet. At the same time, you will have all the information concerning the delivery methods for your bracelet.