Gold plated men's signet ring

Chevalière homme plaqué Or

MEN'S GOLD-PLATED SIGNET: discover our unique collection in France

Derived from the Latin word "signum" meaning "sign", signet rings first appeared among religious leaders and pharaohs. These exquisite rings were used to mark and seal documents by embedding in hot wax the face of the ring, historically marked with a unique family crest. Precious and unique pieces, they can become an integral part of your personal history, as well as a point of connection with your family and loved ones.

Beyond that, signet rings are used today for cosmetic purposes, especially by men. They have the gift of bringing out your personality and helping you assert your virility. That's good, because we have a wonderful collection of gold-plated men's signet rings to present to you!

The Secret Lion Signet Ring

Designed to bring out your full manhood, the Lion Secret Signet Ring is the perfect gold-plated men's signet ring to show off your personality and charisma. It is made up of two pieces (golden and silver) which fit together perfectly and a motif of a lion's head in the center. Its design is so perfect that it looks like this Lion head is real.

So, if your goal is to exalt your virility and a little bad-boy side, thisgold-plated men's signet ring will be your major asset. For added style, how about pairing it with our "Silver and Gold" Curb Style Double Cable Bracelet? One thing is for sure... everyone around you will smell your charisma!

Gold-colored signet ring

Simple and sparkling in appearance, this gold-plated men's signet ring never tarnishes because of its stainless steel composition. Able to go with all kinds of clothing, the gold-colored signet ring is the perfect jewel to stay dark and stylish on a daily basis.

It is available in four different sizes: 57 mm; 60mm; 62mm; 65mm and 67mm.

Also, we recommend pairing it with our Men's Bangle Bracelet for more magnificence...

The Gold YGGDRASIL Signet Ring

With this gold-plated men's signet ring, lovers of mythology will be delighted! Indeed, in Norse mythology, YGGDRASIL designates a large tree bearing on these branches 9 mythical kingdoms including the famous Asgard of Thor. This is the reason why, YGGDRASIL is nicknamed "World Tree".

Now imagine wearing this remnant of Norse mythology around your finger. Exciting isn't it?

Perfect in any circumstance, this YGGDRASIL Gold signet ring immediately gives you a feeling of well-being, power and self-confidence when you put it on. For added authority, you can wear it with our "Gold" Wild Wolf Head Bracelet!

The Gold Lion Head Signet Ring

Impressive and shiny, the gold lion's head signet ring is the ideal jewel that will allow you to assert all your authority! Designed in stainless steel, it never oxidizes and thus remains resistant for a long time...

Its neat texture allows you to wear it comfortably all day long.

Thisgold-plated men's signet ring is available in seven different sizes ranging from 57mm to 70mm.

Tip: Try pairing it with our Black & Gold Cable Bracelet - John & Greg to show everyone around you how the best you are

Tips for taking good care of your gold-plated men's signet ring

Gold plated jewelry is a great innovation if you don't want to waste your money or can't afford solid gold jewelry.

However, the gold layer is very thin, and there are chances that it will be scratched, worn or damaged. Thus, for it to remain sublime and shiny for longer, special care must be taken. There are specific tips you can follow to keep your gold plated jewelry durable:

  • avoid contact of your signet ring with chlorinated water and sweat
  • use perfumes, lotions and oils before wearing jewelry and never after
  • not sleeping while wearing your signet ring
  • clean your signet ring with a cloth or cotton ball
  • wash in hot water
  • Keep it in a dry place
  • never mix your gold-plated signet rings and accessories with other jewelry.

Delivery offer for your gold-plated men's signet ring

You can then place your order for the gold-plated men's signet ring that interests you and you will have the possibility of receiving your product for free, in addition all our signet rings have a 15-day guarantee